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Life in Bed

Deriving their name from a fateful mix of magnetic poetry phrases, Pittsburgh, PA’s Life during intercourse produced in 2001 with ex-Manifold Splendour members Sean Finn, Costs Merante, Craig Svitek, and David Horn. The last mentioned still left the group in early stages, just before Lifestyle in Bed documented their debut record, and was changed by bassist Christopher Adam. Two Stage Perspective arrived on Polar Recordings in 2003; it uncovered a music group whose melodramatic vocals and bombastic electric guitar stylings nodded to affects like Dinosaur Jr., Archers of Loaf, and Led by Voices. Lifestyle in Bed’s sophomore discharge, the five-track Exercises for Translation EP, premiered in 2005. The next year yielded a substantial lineup change forever during intercourse; Craig Svitek still left the group in early 2006 and was changed by Steve McMillan, previously of Tone of voice in the Cable. Bassist Christopher Adam still left the fold the next summer, soon after the music group had finished documenting its third record, and continued to be changed by Thomas Cipollone. Passed and Presents arrived in early 2008.

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