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b. 1893, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, d. 19 Feb 1959, USA. Adam made numerous information in the initial quarter from the twentieth hundred years when his solid tenor tone of voice was suitable to the needs of pre-electric cylinder information. He sang in a number of from the all-male vocal sets of the period, a few of which basically changed their brands depending upon the business recording them. Generally, these groups had been quartets and included the Columbia Stellar Quartet, where he sometimes deputized for Reed Miller, the Knickerbocker Quartet, with George Eldred, William Morgan and Glenn Howard, the Peerless Quartet, and in 1918 he became a member of the Shannon Quartet, afterwards referred to as the Shannon Four, changing Harvey Hindermeyer. Occasionally, this group’s information had been released as by the fantastic White Method Quartet and, in 1925, with employees changes, they truly became referred to as the Revelers. Using the Revelers, Wayne sang alongside Elliott Shaw, Wilfred Glenn and Franklyn Baur, the second option replaced by Wayne Melton. It had been with this group that Wayne visited Britain in 1926. The Revelers also documented as the Hudson Male Quartet. Certainly, the Revelers is usually a striking exemplory case of the manner where singing sets of the period used different titles. They also documented (occasionally in augmented type) as the Acme Man Quartet, Aeolian Man Quartet, All Spirit’s Choir, Campus Glee Membership, Columbia Man Chorus, Gaiety Musical Humor Chorus, Merrymakers, and Performing Sophomores. (It ought to be stated that Adam was not always on all recordings by these groupings.) Furthermore to these performing ensembles, Adam was also with the Crescent Trio, alongside Charles Hart and Shaw, Trinity Choir, as well as the Victor (Light) Opera Firm. The last mentioned spanned the introduction of electrical recordings with Adam appearing in the afterwards recordings. Sometimes, he went beneath the brands of Robert Lewis (‘When SUNLIGHT FALLS In Dixie’ and ‘Would You GET BACK The Like You Gave Me?’) and Louis Adam (seeing that on his popular saving of ‘The Heart OF THE Rose’). He also documented some duets, including ‘Right up until We Meet Once again’, with Hart, lots 1 strike in 1919.

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