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Influenced by Scandinavian one-man black color steel entrepreneurs like Bathory’s Quorthon, Burzum’s Rely Grishnackh, as well as the ubiquitous Mortiis, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA indigenous Jef Whitehead used the nom de guerre Wrest in 1998 and soon started self-recording and liberating demos beneath the Leviathan going. Within five years, these currently numbered greater than a dozen and had been partly put together on 2002’s Verräter collection; but Leviathan continuing to favour short-form demos, EPs, and break up releases (with famous brands Crebain, Xasthur, and Sapthuran) within the years that adopted, only investing in full-length attempts with 2003’s The Tenth Sub-Level of Suicide and 2004’s Tentacles of Whorror. Wrest in addition has added his undead vocal skills to albums by Sunn 0))). In 2005, Wrest shaped Twilight, a dark metallic supergroup, with people of additional iconic rings (Xasthur, Krieg, Isis, Nachtmystium, and Sonic Youngsters), liberating three albums (2005’s self-titled, 2010’s Monument to Period End, and III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb in 2014). At exactly the same time Twilight was shaped, Wrest released an recording beneath the Leviathan moniker: the assortment of demos Howl Mockery in the Cross. Another yr, he released a two-EP combo — Acceleration of Darkness as well as the Blind Wound — the second option which was a re-release of the split recording with Sapthuran. 4th album Substantial Conspiracy Against All Existence arrived in 2008. In 2011, influenced by events encircling a intimate assault and home assault charge, Wrest released Accurate Traitor, Accurate Whore. Afterward, he shifted to Portland, Oregon, began his personal label (Profound Lore), a tattoo business, and a family group. Four years later on, his critically acclaimed 6th album, Scar tissue Sighted, birthed another dosage of darkness in to the music globe. In 2016, Dutch label Hammerheart provided luxurious reissues of Leviathan’s 1st four albums combined with the 2005 compilation A Silhouette in Splinters.

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