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Leslie Beacon, credited being a co-writer of the fantastic tempo and blues basic “Two Faced Guy”, proved to haven’t any face in any way. There is no genuine songwriter called Leslie Beacon, therefore hopefully there have been no sailors counting on that one lighthouse to steer them ashore. The Beacon name was a pseudonym for Joe Davis, whose half hundred years of activity on the brand new York music picture included tune submitting, songwriting, recording tracks, running record brands and operating as an A&R guy for larger brands. Of most his composing pseudonyms, none bears the essence from the Davis profession aswell as that one, since he finished up naming one of is own most famous brands, Beacon, following this particular imaginary songwriter character. And while it definitely is a grandioise sounding name, Leslie Beacon is usually nowhere close to the funniest from the Davis songwriting and posting nom-de-plumes. That could need to be E.V. Body, even though Davis only utilized that name for recordings of traditional materials that was in fact in public area, the ploy was a lot more than simply an in-joke–it was a means of stuffing the royalties for the original materials in to the Davis pocket. The tracks of Leslie Beacon could be halved into prewar and postwar materials, the former comprising fairly decent workmanship while the last mentioned shown a Davis preoccupation with wartime blues designs however, not any sign of cleverness. He released “Nighty-Night” being a Leslie Beacon creation in 1941 as well as the tune was almost instantly lower by stylish bandleader Alvino Rey. The tune holds up being a special bedtime tune, and was afterwards covered by United kingdom songstress Petula Clark to get a nostalgia record. The sleepytime theme was quickly imitated on another Beacon tune entitled “Lovely Dreams”. This is later regarded as the theory behind the Rudy Vallee record “Pleasant Dreams”, but neither provides anything regarding the “Lovely Dreams” that was a big success for Patsy Cline, and included in dozens of various other performers. Beacon was acknowledged with co-writing “Mary Experienced just a little Jam” with pianist Erskine Butterfield, but this is basically only a riff set up. The following 12 months Butterfield and Davis developed “Two Confronted Man”, an influenced quantity that was cut by both a greenhorn Savannah Churchill and Jimmy Lytell. Both these records were sizeable hits, relocating a nearby of 200,000 copies each. That’s more that may be said from the outcomes after nowhere manBeacon started to focus on game titles such as for example “He’s Commander in Main of My Center”, “Guy Lack Blues” and “Blackout Blues”, the second option melody of no connection, and nowhere near nearly as good, as the blues jam theme from the same name made up by jazz baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams. On some following reissues of Leslie Beacon game titles, songwriting credits reverted to the true name of Joe Davis.

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