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Les Sculpteurs de Vinyl

An outgrowth of the workshop from the Association Aide aux Musiques Innovatrices (“Assistance for Innovative Music”), in Marseille, France, Les Sculpteurs was a one-off task led by Otomo Yoshihide that was something of the veritable super-group of outdoors artists from all over the world, combined with a few of Marseille’s best regional DJs. Using the lineup of cello, feminine vocals, sampler, and five turntable performers, it really was an extremely strange mixture. This fascinating task had its origins in 1995, when turntable performers Otomo Yoshihide and Christian Marclay fulfilled three young regional DJs, Eric M, DJ Sky, and DJ Rebel at a link Aide aux Musiques Innovatrices workshop on improvised and songs at La Friche Belle de Mai arts and ethnic middle in Marseille, France. In the first summer of another year, Yoshihide came back to Marseille to create a group using the three French DJs. Along with him emerged an international ensemble of avant-garde performers, including cello participant Tom Cora, Japanese digital musician Sachiko M., American vocalist Catherine Jauniaux, and another turntable musician, Tsunoda Tsuguto. The task, with its large focus on turntablism, was referred to as Les Sculpteurs de Vinyl fabric. They performed on the Mimi Celebration in Arles, France, in July of 1996 and in addition recorded some studio room monitors that same month. Yoshihide, by using Kondo Yoshiaki, blended the materials in Sept of 1996, and another year it had been released for the Compact disc Memory & Cash for the Stupeur & Trompette label. The task was a one-time undertaking, and Yoshihide and others have not came back to it since that time.

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