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Leonardo Leo

Leonardo Leo was a Neapolitan composer widely regarded during his life time as the heir apparent to Alessandro Scarlatti and among the final major numbers to emerge in the Italian Baroque. Leo was delivered to Naples at age group 15 to review with Nicola Fago. In 1712, Leo obtained his 1st triumph when his the sacred cantata S Chiara, o L’infidelt? abbattuta was noticed in the Royal Palace in Naples. Leo was called assistant organist in the Royal Palace and maestro di cappella to Marchese Stella. Leo’s 1st opera, Il Pisistrato, premiered in the Teatro di S. Bartolomeo in Naples on, may 13, 1714, and Leo’s profession in opera continuing to the finish of his existence. Altogether, he’s believed to possess written or added for some 70 operas. Many of these functions are actually obscure and several are lost; nevertheless, George Frideric Handel believed more than enough of Leo’s 1729 opera Catone in Utica to include a number of the amounts inside a pasticcio edition of Catone for London in the King’s Theatre in 1732. When Alessandro Scarlatti passed away in 1725, Leo was called principal organist towards the Royal Chapel. In 1728, composer Francesco Durante became mind from the Conservatorio dei Poveri di Gesù Cristo in Naples, leading to a fascinating rivalry between Leo and Durante. Leonardo Leo was grounded in seventeenth hundred years practice, utilizing thought basses and hardy, thorough counterpoint, actually in his comic operas. Although Durante was Leo’s older by a decade, Durante’s style offers much in keeping along with his youngest contemporaries for the reason that it is even more straight melodic and arranged over an easier sort of accompaniment. Music artists in Naples during this time period dropped into two specific camps: the “Leists,” who upheld founded Baroque practices, as well as the “Durantists,” who have been in sympathy with newer forms. Owned by the second option camp was Durante’s college student Giovanni Pergolesi, whose formal improvements would quickly wreak havoc for the Baroque all together. By 1730, Leo was offering as vice maestro from the Royal Chapel in Naples and locating it hard to obtain his significant operas created, although his comic operas had been still popular. Sacred music could be found in most of Leo’s intervals of activity, nonetheless it shows up that his main efforts with this world made an appearance in the years after 1730, you start with the Oratorio per la SS Vergine del Rosario. Leo also got an increased fascination with teaching, offering as vice maestro of S. Maria Della Piet? dei Turchini and posting many treatises. Among Leo’s college students had been composers Niccolò Piccinni and Niccolò Jommelli, both of whom also researched with Durante. In 1739, Leo made up his Miserere for dual choir and body organ, and this function has offered as his personal piece since. On January 25, 1744, Neapolitan Royal Chapel maestro di cappella Domenico Sarro passed away and Leo, after that in his 32nd calendar year of service towards the chapel, was finally called to this placement. Leo would appreciate it for specifically nine a few months, as his early death at age group 50 intervened. In his last years, Leo instituted reforms in Neapolitan cathedral music that he’d hoped would help protect the older, even more respectable types of sacred structure. But this is ultimately fruitless being a measure to stem the increasing tide of Classicism and galant design. non-etheless, Leo’s Miserere provides proved enduring as well as the opera overtures Leo constructed are seen as important stepping rocks in the first advancement of the symphony.

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