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Lento Violento Man

Lento Violento Guy is among the aliases of Italian DJ, producer, and electro mastermind Gigi D’Agostino. An excellent communicator, too, over time D’Agostino has developed and baptized many subgenres — or, better, fake styles — of dance music, one of these becoming lento violento (i.e., sluggish violent), seen as a relatively sluggish beats and intense sounds. The origins of lento violento in D’Agostino’s productions are available in singles such as for example “Le Serpent” and “Ripassa” and in the compilation albums Il Programmino di Gigi D’Agostino (2003) with Altromondo, Vol. 2 (2004). From that instant on, lento violento became among D’Agostino’s most recognizable trademarks. In 2007 he released the dual compilation Lento Violento…e Altre Storie, which reached the 3rd notch within the Italian graphs and sold a lot more than 20,000 copies. Half of the tunes in it had been acknowledged to Lento Violento Guy, the most recent of D’Agostino’s many musical monikers. The first proper Lento Violento Man recording, La Musica Che Pesta, adopted just 90 days later.

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