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Lenny Breau

A superb jazz improviser who performed on both acoustic and electric powered guitars, Lenny Breau’s best hands drew on classical, flamenco, and nation (Travis/Atkins) finger-picking methods. He was one of the primary guitarists to process the impressionistic, post-bop chord voicings of pianist Costs Evans. Breau created the capability to concurrently comp chords and improvise single-string melodies, creating the illusion of two guitarists playing jointly. His service with artificial harmonics continues to be the envy of several guitarists. Later in his profession, Breau began utilizing a seven-string electric guitar that expanded the instrument’s range within the higher register. Breau’s early RCA recordings are eclectic and officially dazzling. His afterwards work is much less flashy, but communicates on the deeper level. Blessed to Canadian nation music performers, Lenny Breau began playing nation in a complicated way. Chet Atkins himself helped Breau obtain an RCA documenting agreement in 1968. Nevertheless, Breau’s jazz-oriented design and extraordinary technique quickly triggered him to become uncategorizable. Issues with medications made his profession erratic and he’s now regarded an underground electric guitar legend. A fresh label (Guitararchives) was produced in 1995 particularly to release personal tapes of his shows.

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