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Lemon D

Lemon D may be the frequently used saving name of South London jungle maker Kevin King. The person behind the earth Earth label aswell several 12-ins for Metalheadz, Prototype, V Recordings, and Epic, King’s status as a solid, economical maker of dancefloor drum’n’bass offers risen continuously since his function began showing up in the first ’90s. His soulful songs maintain a definite jazz experience without resorting to extreme sampling, even though his drum encoding lay within the even more pedestrian part of jungle’s manic polyrhythms, his creation skills make sure they are a lot more than listenable. King’s profession got a lift in 1993 when he installed using the Metalheadz steady, leading to executive use J. Majik and Dillinja and, ultimately, a few produces of his personal on the important label. His interested pseudonym can be an oblique mention of his label’s (Lemon D/Le Monde, French for “the entire world”), and it has graced remix productions for Artwork of Sound. In 1997, Ruler inked a long-term agreement with Belgian techno label R&S and co-founded the Valve label with Dillinja, release a the pair’s harder, even more relentless material.

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