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A percussionist who functions across lines of press and genre, Lê Quan Ninh is classically trained; he earned first reward in percussion in the Versailles Conservatory in Sylvio Gualda’s course where he was released to the music from the 20th century’s great composers, including Stravinsky, Xennakis, Bartok, and Messiaen. The percussionist became an expert in modern idioms. He’s made up for and performed with such organizations as Musique Vivante, Espace Musical, Alternance, Entre-Temps, and Musique Oblique, amongst others. Lê Quan Ninh created a strong fascination with improvisation, which led him to collaborate with music artists commonly connected with free of charge jazz, such as for example composer Butch Morris, bassist Peter Kowald, saxophonist Ned Rothenberg, drummer Paul Lovens, and many more. Lê Quan Ninh offers collaborated with dancers, filmmakers, poets, and video and efficiency artists. He’s a member from the Hêlios Quartet, a modern percussion ensemble known for commissioning items by such composers as Jean-Pierre Drouet, Vinko Globokar, Giorgio Battistelli, George Lewis, and Kaija Saariaho. Since 1993, Lê Quan Ninh spent some time working thoroughly with interactive pc music. In colaboration with the mathematician Phillipe Besse and La Flibuste, a network of improvisers located in Toulouse, France, the percussionist is rolling out computer applications for media installations; his applications are also utilized by such organizations as Quanta, Knobits, and Idiome 1238. Since 1985, Lê Quan Ninh offers recorded in a number of contexts for, amongst others, the Leo, FMP, ” NEW WORLD “, Wergo, and Erstwhile brands.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lê Quan Ninh
Profession Percussionist
Music Groups Islak Köpek
Music Songs Amores III, Mu No Basho, Ustensiles horizontaux, La Voyelle Liquide, Credo in US, Imaginary Landscape No. 1, Imaginary Landscape No. 3, Inlets, First Construction, But What About the Noise of Crumpling Paper Which He Used to Do in Order to Paint the Series of "Papiers Froissés" or Tearing Up Paper to Make "Papiers Déchirés"? Arp Was Stimulated by Water , Forests, Pasop!, Amores II, La Voyelle O, Part 9, La Voyelle Y, Musique spectrale à petit budget, A Chance for Shade, Géologie floue, Third Construction, Part 3, Sites, La Voyelle E, May 16, Piece One, Part 11, Part 20, Part 13, May 16, Piece Three, Part 17, Ozone - Burning Blue, Ozone - Burning Red, Distorsion élémentaire, Part 6
Albums Burning Cloud, Ustensiles, La Voyelle Liquide, Cuts, Cage: The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs, Ryoanji, A Flower, 59. 5 & Léandre: Hommage à J...

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