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Le Forte Four

Le Forte 4 were the initial group within the collective of avant-garde music anarchists referred to as the LA Free Music Culture (LAFMS). Making use of their music merging loose experimental improvisation on both standard instruments and home products with stuff taped off tv cartoons or extracted from records in addition to lo-fi consumer electronics, Le Forte Four had been pioneers of sampling, even while their D.We.Con. ethic paved just how for the punk motion a couple of years afterwards. In the summertime of 1973, Chip Chapman, alongside two brothers, Rick and Joe Potts, produced the Sufferers and documented some material within the Potts family members family room, which mainly contains the group arguing because they rehearsed Zappa’s “My Electric guitar Wants to Wipe out Your Mama,” as well as the Who’s “Boris the Spider.” Several months afterwards, much towards the chagrin of the various other members, Chapman delivered an excerpt of the towards the Norway Digital Music Festival beneath the name East LA Free Music Culture. In 1974, the group followed the name LA Free Music Culture as they done their first record, but by 1975 that they had become Le Forte Four by adding another Potts sibling, Tom Potts, and LAFMS was useful for the name of the label. That initial LP, Bikini ATHLETIC SHOES was released afterwards that year. With the record, Le Forte Four had been uncovered by another band of avant-garde noise-makers who hung out frequently on the Poo-Bah Record Store in Pasadena, and shortly the complete LAFMS scene became popular as the several artists inspired one another. By early 1976, Le Forte Four gigged frequently with various other LAFMS artists just like the Doo-Dooettes and Ace & Duce. One particular concerts, from July of 1976 on the recital hall of the Brand Library, premiered because the LP Live on the Brand afterwards that year. Another record, Spin ‘n’ Grin, premiered in 1981, supplying a retrospective of previous material. By that point Le Forte Four’s associates had shifted to related LAFMS tasks and Le Forte Four had been dissolved.

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