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Layton Howerton was created the boy of pioneer missionary parents who traveled throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Western world Virginia. As a kid, Howerton was miraculously healed of leukemia. At age 19, he noticed that God was contacting him to become pastor. Nevertheless, he resisted the decision and forged forward toward his very own plans of the musical profession. Finally at age 36, Howerton surrendered, choosing to pursue his pastoral contacting. He shifted his wife and five children from Nashville, TN, to Wyoming. There he offered being a pastor, and then find that music had not been simply a section of his history. Actually, he begun to write increasingly more songs in order to communicate essential text messages to his congregation. Shortly following the move, BMG Posting known as Howerton and agreed upon him to some publishing deal. Immediately after, Sparrow Information offered him an archive contract, leading to the discharge of his debut record, Boxing God.

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Music Songs The Kirby Man, Prayin', Sowin', Reapin', International Harvester, Grace Under Fire, Into the Beautiful, All Created Things, Thick of Thin Things, Boxing God, To Someone Else, It Will Occur, Larger Than Life, Samson-Ite, Holy Place, In Our Town, Before You Love Me, God's Ragamuffins, Wooded Glens, My Dad Counted, Brotherhood of Fools, Smooth Runnin' Engine, Save My Baby, 'til My Soul, Change You Back, Round Prairie Road, Rushing Wind, All Things... New, The Heart-Est Part, When Jesus Came to Town, Soft Place to Land, So You Wouldn't Fall, Try Another Way, Pictured In
Albums Boxing God, Layton Howerton, Thick of Thin Things

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