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Laughing Apple

The Laughing Apple was centered around several youthful Scots who relocated to London in June of 1980 ahead of forming a fresh music group. Bassist Alan McGee and guitarist Andrew Innes got played in several clothes while still in Scotland, including H20 and Newspeak. Within their brand-new confines as Laughing Apple, they self-released the three-song Ha Ha Hee Hee one in March of 1981 on Autonomy. Their second one, Participate, was released a couple a few months later. They split up in short period, with a lot of the people going to larger and better issues. McGee eventually joined up with Biff Bang Pow! and started the fledgling Creation label until it struck paydirt in the ’90s. Drummer Ken Popple and second guitarist Dick Green also became a member of McGee in the music group, with the last mentioned of both also getting McGee’s right hands guy with Creation. Innes continued to record for Creation with Revolving Color Fantasy and Primal Scream.

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