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Larry Tyrrell

Moonbridge recording designer and maker Larry Tyrrell is a composer and an accomplished participant from the shakuhachi, japan traditional bamboo flute. He started his research with Masayuki Koga and later on lived a long time in Japan, where he analyzed with two of the best contemporary masters from the shakuhachi, Kohachiro Miyata and Katsuya Yokoyama. Tyrrell analyzed composition and digital music with Gordon Mumma in the University or college of California at Santa Cruz. Tyrrell was composer-in-residence and a carrying out person in the Okayama Hogaku Outfit, which premiered his functions in Japan in 1992 and 1993.In 1994, he and Deena Grossman co-founded an archive label called Moonbridge to create the wonder of Japanese music to america. His recording Floating Clouds showcases Tyrrell like a performer of traditional shakuhachi music and a author of contemporary interpretations for the device.

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