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Lana Bittencourt

Lana Bittencourt, an extremely versatile vocalist, recorded samba-canção, bossa nova (beginning by 1960), aged Brazilian rock and roll, fossa, seresta, international tracks in a number of different dialects, and, continuing to execute until today, also interprets tracks by Cazuza along with other modern Brazilian rock and roll composers. She got achievement with “Se Alguém Telefonar” (Alcir Pires Vermelho/Jair Amorim), “Operating-system Quindins de Laiá” (Ary Barroso), “Ma Vie” (Alain Barrière/Vidalin/Bécaud), “Chariot” (Stolle/Del Roma), and “Castigo” (Dolores Durán). In 1954, Bittencourt left behind the college or university of philosophy to become professional vocalist, debuting within the same yr in the Rádio Tupi (Rio de Janeiro) and documenting her 1st 78 rpm. Her interpretation of “Small Darling,” in 1958 (contained in Lana em Musicalscope) was among her biggest strikes, still within the dawn of Brazilian rock and roll. In 1960, she documented “Corcovado” (Tom Jobim), contained in Sambas perform Rio.

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