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Originally considered an LA sleaze band, Laaz Rockit began in 1982 with small attention before mid ’80s, if they were signed with Enigma Records. They’re right now considered one of the better power/thrash metal rings in California.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lȧȧz Rockit
Music Songs Holiday in Cambodia, Fire in the Hole, The Omen, Mirror to Madness, Chasin' Charlie, In the Name of the Father and the Gun, Euroshima, Say Goddbye M.F., Mob Justice, City's Gonna Burn, Spared From the Fire, Shot to Hell, Chain of Fools, Shadow Company, Most Dangerous Game, Last Breath, Silence Is a Lie, Self Destruct, Mad Axe Attack, Means to an End, Shit's Ugly, Into the Asylum, Forced to Fight, I'm Electric, Brain Wash, Dreams Die Hard, Caught in the Act, Prelude to Death, My Euphoria, Curiosity Kills, Delirium Void, Take No Prisoners
Albums Annihilation Principle, Know Your Enemy, No Stranger to Danger, Left for Dead, Nothing'$ $acred, City's Gonna Burn, Taste of Rebellion (Live)

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