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La Nef is a distinctive ensemble that displays a musical overall performance with narration, usually about some person or events from medieval and the earlier days. In fact, the group phases what may be described as an assortment of music, storytelling, and performing. The instruments utilized by the users are usually of medieval source you need to include the gemshorn, shawm, psaltery, Arab lute, oud, saz, viola da gamba, and many more. Occasionally the group performs contemporary music on contemporary subjects via the brand new Music Sector offshoot. An average overall performance by La Nef would involve six or even more performers, including instrumentalists, performers, and narrators/stars. Every 2 yrs the ensemble devises a fresh display. In its early music productions, the music La Nef provides isn’t always directly linked to the topic matter but will capture the historical flavor of that time period. Thus, for instance, the display Music for Joan the Mad presented the story of the 16th hundred years queen, with music definitely not created or performed on her behalf, but music from her period that catches the feeling of the time. La Nef offers made nearly twelve recordings, that have made an appearance on Dorian Finding, ATMA Classique, and Atmosphere Magnétique. La Nef was created in Quebec, Canada, in 1991. The founding users had been Sylvain Bergeron, Viviane Leblanc, and Claire Gignac, most of whom remain mixed up in ensemble. The name they selected, La Nef, concerns the “nave” of the church, the region where people collect for worship. The group quickly drawn interest and in 1992 its 1st recording Musiques put Jeanne la Folle was released on Dorian Breakthrough. There followed many more highly effective recordings and by the convert from the hundred years, La Nef was a significant presence in the concert and saving moments. In 2001 Gignac set up an offshoot she phone calls the brand new Music Sector to be able to delve into contemporary and first music with integrated forms and using contemporary, even electronic musical instruments in shows. Among the brand new Music Sector’s afterwards initiatives was the 2006 creation of Last Kiss, which uses the functions of Renaissance-era poets Louise Laboratoryé and Gaspara Stampa, and uses videography, picture taking, and other contemporary methods in the creation. By 2008 La Nef acquired made more than 500 concert performances over the Americas, European countries, and Asia. Among afterwards recordings may be the 2007 Compact disc The Fight of Killiecrankie on ATMA Classique. Gignac and Bergeron had been still portion as creative directors through the 2011-2012 period, including a functionality with Nell Snaidas of Spanish music and dances and a 20th wedding anniversary celebration.

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