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Kutira Decosterd

Kutira Decosterd may be the founder from the Kahua Institute, an internationally acknowledged Tantra yoga exercise teacher, and inventor of Oceanic Tantra. With her spouse, MODERN composer Raphael, she synthesizes the arts of music, mindset, and sea ecology in her teachings, which combine the historic methods of energy-raising, yoga, and intimate ecstasy having a planetary eyesight and dolphin awareness. The Kahua Institute of Oceanic Tantra is situated on the isle of Maui. Kutira, as she actually is known, was created and elevated in Switzerland, but resided for just two years in India, where she researched with Tantric experts. She also offers a strong history in meditation, breathing work, Neuro-Linguistic Development, Bioenergetics, Gestalt, motion therapy, communication function, sex therapy, and therapeutic massage. Her dozen years surviving in Hawaii possess brought her near to the island’s religious teachings; she’s researched Hawaiian chant, dance, and artwork with Kumuhula Aulii Mitchell. Kutira dances under her Hawaiian name, Keolaokahaapauloa (existence giving breathing of eternity.) Kutira sings and performs for the didgeridoo (which she discovered in Australia) with Raphael on many of their Kuhau Information produces. Her 1990 shamanic recording, In to the Dreamtime, also features the vocalist Sophia, Raphael, as well as the songs from the whales. The Phoning features Hawaiian chants, a note from dolphin researcher John Lilly, and once again, the songs from the whales in duet using the didigeridoo. Most of Kutira’s albums present spiritually sensual noises; her two Tantric Wave albums are particularly designed to improve Tantric spiritual lovemaking.

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