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KSMB never fared perfectly using the critics. But while they’ve often stood in the shadows from the critically hailed Ebba Grön, at their elevation of popularity in the first ’80s these were able to pull nearly as big crowds. Where Ebba Grön had been angry and significant and in a few methods lyrical, KSMB had been even more playful and got a more powerful “don’t provide a damn” attitude. Probably KSMB didn’t possess the same skill when it found lyrics, but this, as well as their strategy and their singalong friendliness, in ways only produced them even more punk. After their initial record, KSMB created a somewhat softer sound, equivalent from what would afterwards be known as punk-pop. The music group only held jointly until 1982, however the last year it had been perhaps one of the most well-known live works in Sweden. When the 14-guy school music group Skärholmens Gymnasiums Punk-Ensemble split up after their initial in support of concert, the remnants shaped into KSMB. In springtime 1978 that they had their initial gigs at little night clubs around Stockholm and began a PR advertising campaign consisting in tagging their name around town. Their initial big concert was at a celebration that summertime, but right before the gig both guitarists give up, which intended drummer Johansson needed to play electric guitar as well as the music group had to discover a brand-new drummer. Several musicians emerged and proceeded to go, until in 1979 a far more steady setting experienced created, with Johansson on drums, Sylvan on acoustic guitar, Nilsson on bass, and two vocalists: Guiance and Alonzo. Several concerts at youngsters centers adopted. At one the music group was approached by associates from MNW, who wished to record them for an recording with young substitute bands. The effect was Bakverk 80 as well as the various other bands participating had been Incest Brothers and Travolta Children. This record sent KSMB from their initial countrywide tour, and in springtime 1980, their debut record Aktion premiered. After completing the documenting, Sylvan still left the music group and was changed by Sjölander. Stefan Sundström, who was simply afterwards to become referred to as a vocalist/songwriter, was also used as second guitarist. While declining, he suggested his friend Jonson, also called Guld-Lars. Shortly bassist Nilsson as well left the music group, and with short-term bassists, KSMB began an interval with extensive touring, playing prisons aswell as rock night clubs, but to hardly any pay out. With Ulvesjö on bass, Rika Barn Leka Bäst premiered in 1981. It really is widely thought to be the most severe of KSMB’s just three albums and was also a stage away from natural punk. One monitor, for instance, included a brass ensemble. Today Alonzo still left the music group, which lay out on a fresh tour that was a lot more intensive compared to the prior one. Initial touring Sweden, they afterwards teamed up with Before and Kjött for the others of Scandinavia. But also this brought hardly any money towards the music group, actually hardly plenty of to spend the lease for the gear. A new recording was prepared for 1982, but there have been no time to create fresh materials. Johansson, who published a lot of the tunes, demanded a one-month break to create a fresh repertoire. All of those other music group refused, given that they didn’t possess any money no jobs to return to. An individual was documented in 1982 but had not been released. In March Johansson and Jonson quit. The rest of the music group soon fell collectively, however they all reunited per month later on for just two concerts. Johansson confident Alonzo to become listed on the music group for a final time, and among the concerts was documented and released as Dé É För Mycke in Oct the same 12 months. After this it had been finally over. Johansson created Strindbergs and would later on start a profession as vocalist/songwriter and maker, Alonzo sang in Stockholms Negrer as well as the additional members visited pretty much obscure rings. In 1993, KSMB reunited, this time around without Johansson. They published several brand-new music, but missing Johansson as songwriter, they weren’t extremely successful.

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