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Kristin Asbjørnsen

Kristin Asbjørnsen is a Norwegian singer/songwriter and composer whose diverse body of function runs from jazz, pop, and globe music to experimental, improvisational, and film music. She started her recording profession in the middle-’90s in cooperation with groupings including Kvitretten, Krøyt, and Dadafon, and after the convert of the hundred years she embarked on the single profession that brought her Best Five commercial achievement in Norway and vital acclaim abroad. Blessed in 1971, Asbjørnsen examined music officially in the jazz section from the Trondheim Music Conservatory in Trondheim, Norway. She produced her record debut in 1996 with Voices, a Spellemannsprisen-nominated full-length work by Kvitretten, an experimental vocal quartet where she was an associate. She was highlighted on two additional albums with the group, Everything Changes (1999) and Kloden Er En Snurrebass Som Snurrer Oss (2002). Asbjørnsen eventually produced her record debut as an associate from the avant-garde trio Krøyt with Sub (1997). The trio’s second record, Low (1999), gained a Spellemannsprisen award in 2000 in the Åpencil Klasse category. In 2001 a set of follow-up efforts, your body Electric powered EP (2001) and One Center Is Too Little (2001), had been released with the trio, which can be made up of Øyvind Brandtsegg (vibraphone, sampler) and Thomas T. Dahl (electric guitar). For this same period, Asbjørnsen produced her single record debut with Smak Av Himmel, Spor Av Jord (2001) and released the next record by her group Dadafon, And I CANNOT Stand Still (2001). Produced several years previously, Dadafon is an innovative yet commercially practical group that attracts from pop and jazz aswell as like ballads and African rhythms. Furthermore to Asbjørnsen, the group’s vocalist and bandleader, Dadafon is normally made up of Jostein Ansnes (electric guitar, vocals), Øyvind Engen (cello, vocals), Eirik Øien (bass, vocals), and Martin Langlie (drums). The group produced its record debut in 1998 with Coloured Moods and released many follow-up albums, like the Best 20 strikes Harbour (2004) and Shed Like Chords (2005). Asbjørnsen was most effective like a single artist, nevertheless, breaking in to the Best Five with her albums Wayfaring Stranger: A Religious Songbook (2006) and THE NIGHT TIME Shines Just like the Day (2009).

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