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Konrad von Würzburg

Konrad was a German Minnesinger who had an excellent effect on afterwards generations specially the Meistersingers. Konrad was regarded as among the twelve “Alte Meisters” (Aged Experts) as he composed more than 85,000 lines of poetry and included every genre. The music for the poetry had not been all constructed by him. Contextually his music reveal an excellent understanding of laws and theology for enough time which can conveniently be related to his bourgeois roots, at least partly. His patrons had been among the many branches from the aristocracy and Konrad might have been among the initial professional Minnesingers. His poetic skills considerably exceeded the conventions of that time period particularly relating to imagery, framework and originality. Allegorical textures to his epic functions, such as for example “Engelhard,” and “Partonopier,” had been obvious but his forte was regarded as the small epic displayed by such functions as “Versnovelle,” and “Der Welt Lohn.”

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