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Kodo is really a Japan group that has been an international sensation, in line with the isle of Sado, which has taken the planet by surprise with their fresh stylings on semi-traditional taiko drumming. Founded in 1981, the group’s name provides dual meaning; based on the group, it translates both to “heartbeat — the primal way to obtain all tempo,” and “kids from the drum, a representation of Kodo’s wish to play their drums merely, with the center of a kid.” The group spends one-third of the average season touring in Japan, one-third touring all of those other globe, and one-third in strenuous workouts within their community on Sado. They will have toured in every continents except Antarctica within their tries to spread globe tranquility via the messenger of music. Amongst their projects, apart from straightforward taiko shows, are a cooperation with modern synthesizer genius Isao Tomita for Nasca Illusion, instructing the über-eclectic Cirque du Soleil in taiko because of their own shows, the soundtrack for The Hunted, along with a annual “Earth Special event” celebration on Sado for percussionists from all over the world to go to. They’re ambassadors of tranquility through music and the existing top bearers from the living talent of taiko drumming.

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