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Knights of the Occasional Table


South-east London multiracial dance band, comprising Steve, Nygell, Moose, Andrew and vocalist Aquamanda. Their debut recording was released independently label before becoming found by Club Pet. Its name – Legs Up NATURE – offered a large clue with their audio, wherein modern technical means (programs, drum devices, samplers) were used to provide a primal defeat with varied cultural stylings. The Knights haven’t been as instantly effective as stylistic counterparts Fun-Da-Mental or Transglobal Underground, making sure Steve and Andy continue their day-time careers as psychiatric nurse and journalist for Stage And Tv Today respectively.

Quick Facts

Full Name Knights of the Occasional Table
Music Songs Um, Baby !, Trunky Wants a Bun, Hearts of Oak, Morgan's Orchard, Friendly Mix, Golganooza, Jahmarama, Backyard Green Tree Cemetery Dawn, Jack Rowland, Now Be Thankful, Laquered in Snow, Elephants and Castles, John Barleycorn, The Planet Sweet, The Reel Thing, On Having No Head, Trybes, Sit on a Leaf and Wait Until Autumn, Out There Again, John Barleycom, The Joy of Living, Knees Up Mother Earth, Talking Goat, Dance of the Pyjama Party Animals, Rainbows of Gaia, Knightfallen, Lava Lamp, Budd E, Harmonic 3, Vocal Mix, Radical Mandala, Don Cage Blanmange
Albums John Barleycorn 2000, At One With Nature, Les Elephants Du Paradis, The Planet Sweet, Knees Up Mother Earth, Eden

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