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Kispál és a Borz

Kispál és a Borz (translating roughly to Small Paul and Badger) are referred to as perhaps one of the most successful choice rock serves that Hungary provides offered. To fulfill their musical dreams, founding associates Kispál András (guitars), Lovasi András (vocals), Rezso Ózdi (bass), and Bräutigam Gábor (drums) convened beneath the aforementioned moniker in 1987 in Pécs, Hungary. Shakeups towards the music group were to arrive quickly, such as 1988 Ózdi made a decision to contact it each day, however the group persevered, moving musical obligations and holding on like a trio. The recently minted trio released a four-track demonstration in 1988, with an identical follow-up launch arriving the next yr. By 1990 the group got a record offer, and Kispál és a Borz released their first recording, Naphoz Holddal (Sunbathe from the Moon), that was adopted up in 1992 with Föld Kaland Ilyesmi…. Stable touring and well-received concert events helped their following affair, 1993’s Ágy Asztal Television, to improve the band’s currently rising celebrity. Sika, Kasza, Iéc and Üi had been released in 1994 and 1995, respectively, nonetheless it was also for this time how the first of several membership changes held the band’s momentum from carrying on as hoped. Drummer Kis Attila started dealing with the music group at this time, and within the next year or two the group got on the keyboardist (Dióssy Ákos) and two guitarists (Leskovics Gábor and Vittay Ferenc — the second option originally an associate from the band’s team). Eventually, actually drummer Bräutigam Gábor would keep in 1996, and was changed with Tóth Zoltán. After the music group got established its fresh lineup, Kispál és a Borz obtained a hit one, “Kicsit Szomorkás,” and — in 1997 — released the initial within a string of increasingly more experimental albums. By 2000 Ferenc acquired came back to his put in place the band’s staff, and in 2002 Kispál és a Borz welcomed their first international member, with American drummer Michael Zwecker overtaking for the departing Zoltán. With a fresh, harder-edged audio, Kispál és a Borz released the 2003 full-length Turisták Bárhol as well as the 2004 platter Én, Szeretlek, Téged (I, Appreciate, You), the last mentioned recording — the ultimate collection of primary material in the music group — learning to be a strike. In 2006 the initial primary trio of Kispál és a Borz produced a tiny live return, touring and documenting, and in 2008 released a high Ten greatest-hits record (20 Év) and embarked on the 20th wedding anniversary tour of Hungary with several members in the band’s historically liquid lineup.

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