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King of Luxembourg

Of all many aliases adopted by Simon Fisher-Turner, couple of have proved as endearing because the foppishly aristocratic King of Luxembourg. The type was among the many devised with the él label’s eccentric svengali Mike Alway within his mission to make a kind of sunlight illusion pop whose designers would be permanently swathed in secret and intrigue. Much like most of Alway’s innovations, however, the type was inspired with the real-life character of the individual playing it. Fisher-Turner have been a teenybop idol and he was a well-spoken middle-class chap from something of the exotic history (his dad was a submarine captain, his mom an archaeologist): the others of his back-story was right down to fanciful pr announcements and the providers of an excellent costumer. Because the Ruler, Fisher-Turner documented two albums and several singles aided and abetted by él’s in-house arranger/composer Louis Philippe. He also performed a small amount of live gigs, associated with his dance manservant Clovis, and transpired specifically well in Japan, where Fisher-Turner was astonished to get himself getting treated as a significant star. Nevertheless, when Alway attemptedto persuade British viewers how the él steady could lower it live, the outcomes were little lacking catastrophic. Topping the costs, the Ruler was partway via an improbable expanded cover edition of Marvin Gaye’s “Intimate Healing” once the plug was ignominiously taken, effectively putting a finish to not simply the gig however the Ruler of Luxembourg’s profession. His reign got lasted only 2 yrs, however the two albums he left out are being among the most fulfilling expressions of Alway’s eyesight.

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