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Kids Near Water

British isles punk rockers Children Near Water shaped in Apr of 2000, in Exeter, relying on using the works of the four-piece group, lead by Brian (vocals, guitar), along with John (bass), Nik (drums), and Simon (guitar, vocals). Originally named Young Cathedral, the United kingdom quartet soon chosen changing their designation to Children Near Water. Most of them having prior band encounters, the group quickly settled on documenting its first demonstration tape after several rehearsals. The documenting eventually conquered a significant success around the neighborhood underground music picture, and quickly afterward, they were able to concern it as their initial disc, the EP Prolonged Participant One, in Dec of 2000. Shortly after, the quartet began frequently playing live, eventually gaining thrilling and promising evaluations by the neighborhood media. Creating a lasting reputation because of the energizing shows, the music group conquered a location at several regional summer festivals, consequently increasing their developing notability. After another regular touring time of year, including a display alongside Amount 41, the youngsters entered the studio room to record their second disk. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO I in Group, the quartet’s second EP, strike the record shops in 2001 through the Firefly Information label.

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