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The Mike Paradinas alias Child Spatula debuted in 1995 with Spatula Freak, his first album for an American label, Kim Cascone’s Reflective. Five years afterwards, Paradinas returned towards the pseudonym for Total Sunken Breaks by himself Globe µ label. [Find Also: Jake Slazenger, µ-Ziq]

Quick Facts

Nationality British, English
Music Songs Brace Yourself Jason, Hasty Boom Alert, Phi 1700, My Little Beautiful, The Motorbike Track, Megaphonk, The Hwicci Song, Imperial Break, Meinheld, Autumn Acid, Summer Living, Balsa Lightning, Goodbye, Goodbye, Iesope, Ease Up V.I.P., Midwinter Log, Mushroom Compost, Weakling Paradinas, Twangle Frent, Intellitag, Carpet Muncher, Swan Vesta, World of Leather, Catkin and Teasel, Sick Porter, Approaching Menace, Houzz 10, Blem, Bumshit, Gob Bots, Wergle the Proud, Mountain Island Boner
Albums Expert Knob Twiddlers, Lunatic Harness, Tango n' Vectif, Royal Astronomy, Bluff Limbo, Aberystwyth Marine, Bilious Paths, RY30 Trax, Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique, In Pine Effect, Full Sunken Breaks, Spatula Freak, Salsa with Mesquite, Chewed Corners, Makes a Racket, Das Ist Ein Groovy Beat, Ja, Meast, Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995), Brace Yourself, XTLP, Bantha Trax, Urmur Bile Trax Volume 1 & 2, Burgundy Trax Vol.2, Burgundy Trax Vol.1, The Fear, Rediffusion, XTEP

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