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b. Connor Kirby-Long, 24 July 1986, Vermont, USA. Heading by the used name Khonnor, this American folktronica designer began documenting and liberating music in the sensitive age group of 15. Utilizing a acoustic guitar and fundamental drum and loop development, and counting on a family computer along with a low-grade mike for gear, Khonnor forged a distinctive sound mixing introspective, bed-sitter folk with textured, split electronica as well as the noise-happy atmosphere of shoegazer rock and roll. Khonnor released some EPs (Grandma and I, Cactus, included in this) online, and started to garner a cult pursuing. Khonnor’s lyrics are mainly biographical and confessional, even though his narratives tend to be weighted from the angst of teenage existence, there’s a startling elegance to his productions that belies his age group. Khonnor began focusing on his 2005 recording debut, Handwriting, before he completed high school, an activity complicated by complications at school along with regulations. The completed result, nevertheless, was a lush, melancholy, and incredibly personal recording. Strains of digitally manipulated acoustic guitar, and floating synthesizers produced dreamy textures and ambient soundscapes, offset by punky blasts of static, digital glitches, along with other hallmarks of IDM deconstruction. Khonnor’s tunes still tackled the tests and tribulations of adolescence (and understandably therefore), however they do so in a manner that was delicate and honest, and demonstrated a provocative counterpoint towards the edgy creation. Handwriting premiered around the UK-based Type Information to widespread crucial notice.

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