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Kent Duchaine

b. 20 Apr 1951, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Beginning within the ukulele at age six, it had been always DuChaine’s purpose to be always a musician. The English Invasion sparked his desire for your guitar and Eric Clapton’s variations of Robert Johnson tunes drew him towards the blues. As an adolescent, he performed in several groups, actually playing bass inside a psychedelic music group, while he analyzed slide technique in the home. In 1972, he performed bass in Aces, Straights and Shuffles with Kim Wilson as well as the set also worked like a duo. Wilson relocated to Tx in 1974 and DuChaine implemented soon after, using a music group known as Crossroads. In 1989, while living and playing in Alabama, he fulfilled Johnny Shines as well as the set formed a successful working romantic relationship. DuChaine performed on several monitors on BACK AGAIN TO The Country, among Shines’ last periods. The following calendar year he create his very own label, which bears all of the hallmarks of the cottage industry. HAVE A Small Ride BESIDE ME provides credit to his battered Country wide steel electric guitar, Leadbessie, and includes a melody extolling his 1956 Cadillac, Marilyn, where he resided and toured through the 80s.

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