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Katie Dey

Katie Dey can be an Australian singer/songwriter known on her behalf inventive, unconventionally arranged home-recorded pop music. She frequently twists and distorts her tone of voice into an abrasive croak, financing an extra feeling of fragility to her lyrics about dread and isolation. The Melbourne-based Dey have been playing numerous devices since her preteen years, and finally she posted a few of her tunes on her blog page. Among these tunes caught the interest of Mat Cothran of Elvis Depressedly, who brought Dey’s music towards the interest of Warren Hildebrand (Foxes in Fiction), co-owner of Orchid Tapes. Dey experienced always been a lover of the label, therefore she jumped at the opportunity to use them. She released a brief album entitled asdfasdf free of charge on her behalf Bandcamp web page in 2015, so when Orchid Tapes released a cassette edition, it sold-out its 1st pressing per day. She after that signed to Pleasure Void on her behalf second launch, the full-length Overflow Network, that was released in August of 2016.

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