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Karol Rathaus

Karol Rathaus was created in Tanople, Galicia (after that section of Austria, now section of Poland) on Sept 16, 1895. He previously a Viennese musical education, learning with Franz Schreker. He spent the initial section of his profession in Berlin (aside from 3 years in Vienna through the worst section of Germany’s post-War inflation). His preliminary design was an assortment of Viennese style and components of Polish folk custom. This soon progressed right into a modernist German Expressionist design that was displeasing towards the viewers. But a ballet rating called THE FINAL Pierrot (in regards to a sixteenth hundred years Pierrot who awakens in the 1920s) was popular. Over another couple of years he design became notably intimate and melodic. He was a pioneer of film credit scoring in German nearly when sound films had been invented. Departing German in 1932 because he foresaw the ascendance from the Nazi Party, Rathaus worked well, effectively, in Paris, London, and, from 1938, in the U.S. He in the beginning worked well in Hollywood (where he experienced alienated). In 1939 he became a teacher of music at Queens University, NEW YORK, a post he kept with great variation until his loss of life on November 21, 1954.

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