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Although formed in Davis, CA, Kak were located in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA for an excellent section of 1968, if they documented their just album. Lead vocalist, guitarist, and main songwriter Gary Lee Yoder and business lead guitarist Dehner Patten have been within the Oxford Group, an obscure early North Californian psychedelic music group that experienced cut one garage area/psych solitary (“Foolish Female”/”Mind Damage”) and performed some shows within the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA psychedelic circuit, while bassist Joe Dave Damrell have been on the 1965 solitary on Scorpio Information with Group “B”. The self-titled Kak LP was minor-league SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA psychedelic rock coloured by a large amount of impact from larger Bay Area rings, especially Moby Grape; the vocal harmonies and styling guitar focus on songs like “Disbelievin'” and “Everything’s Changing” specifically sounded just like a even more pedestrian Moby Grape. There have been also even more faraway echoes of Quicksilver Messenger Services (in your guitar work) as well as the Thankful Lifeless (in faint traces of country-blues-rock). Kak had been greatest, and least derivative, at their quietest, as within the mild country-tinged rocker “I’ve Got Period, ” the good-time wistful psych-folk-rock of “Lemonade Child, ” as well as the harpsichord-decorated ballad “Moving By, ” that was as derivative of Donovan as a lot of their additional songs had been of Moby Grape. Kak’s recording was barely advertised and sold small. It didn’t help the band played significantly less than a dozen displays before splitting up in early 1969, Damrell having currently quit before the break up. Yoder did an individual for Epic and became a member of Blue Cheer. The Kak recording ultimately became a expensive collector’s item, and was reissued on Compact disc by Big Defeat (with the brand new name Kak-ola) in 1999 with a lot of reward slashes, including previously unreleased acoustic demos and Yoder single songs from your late ’60s.

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