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In ancient Persian (Iranian) calendar, every month used to have thirty mansions. Old Iranians thought that moon would have a home in among mansions every night. They utilized to truly have a exclusive name each. 26th of these was called Kahtmayan. Kahtmayan can be the just name that had not been modified after invasion of Arabs to Iran in 14 hundreds of years ago. Brought collectively by Homayoon Majd Zadeh in Tehran in January 2003, Kahtmayan may be the first Iranian Thrash Metallic band. Even though band was created in 2003, a lot of the music which collected later within their 1st live recording Virtual Living in 2004, where compiled by Homayoon Majd Zadeh (guitars) before that point. Kahtmayan began as Homayoon Majd Zadeh (acoustic guitar), Ardavan Anzabipour (Bass), Khaled Sanad Zadeh (Drums), and Ali Khodadoost (Key pad). With this lineup, Kahtmayan performed several concert events in 2003 and 2004 however in mid-winter 2004 Sanad Zadeh was changed by Vanik Vartanian as well as the band began to step in to the studio room. The initial formal concert of Kahtmayan “Choose Your Improvement” was effectively performed in Farabi Hall in Tehran in 2003. “Choose Your Improvement” was accompanied by another live show called “Digital Existence”. Soon after in 2005, band’s keyboardist Khodadoost was changed by another guitarist Ali Azahri–to reach even more thrash sound because of their initial studio room record Exir. After Exir, Vartanian still left Iran and Arash Pajand Moghaddam had taken his place as a fresh drummer. In the end these substitutions, documenting of Exir started and eventually it had been published as initial formal Iranian instrumental Thrash Steel record by Ava Khorshid in 2005. A few of Kahtmayan melodies (from live shows) had been also chosen by several English filmmakers to become added as soundtrack of their documentary film about Iran. Kahtmayan originally began to assimilate the steel audio with Persian (Iranian) folk music. Because of this, early Kahtmayan could be well grouped being a Progressive Steel band because of their live shows but 2005’s Exir can’t be classified being a Progressive record anymore for this is solely thrash. Studio edition of Virtual Lifetime is reported to be the band’s next album–this period without keyboards. Kahtmayan can be called an instrumental steel band but, as mentioned by Homayoon Majd Zadeh previous, the band will broaden its musical design with the addition of vocalist to its lineup.

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