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Julien Weiss

Perhaps the most important player from the qanun (Arabic plucked zither) of his generation, Julien Weiss can be probably the most prominent non-Arab to get renown in the wonderful world of Arabic and Middle Eastern music. Along with his group the Al-Kindi Outfit he continues to be popular as an accompanist for the most important singers of traditional Arabic music, including Lofti Bouchnak, Hamza Shakkur, and Sabri Moudallal. Being a musician, he’s a purist, looking for the guts of traditional Arabic music, looking at days gone by and resurrecting the music of what he views as a fantastic age, the period from the 19th hundred years takht (Arabic chamber ensemble). Nevertheless, Weiss also appears to the near future and has produced enhancements to his qanun, adding strings and adapting it such that it can accommodate many local variances within the settings (maqamat) of Arabic music. Blessed in 1953 in Paris and we were young within the Swiss-French area of Alsace, Weiss originally examined classical electric guitar before finding the globe of Islamic music with the recordings of the fantastic Iraqi udist Munir Bashir. He made a decision to spend himself to learning the music from the Near East, and discovered the qanun beneath the tutelage of Kamil ‘Abd Allah, Hasan Gharbi, Saadettin Oktenay, and Salim Husayn. He changed into Islam in 1986 and followed the name Jalal Eddine. In 1983, dissatisfied using the developing size of regular Arabic ensembles, in addition to using what he regarded as the encroaching westernization of Arabic music, Weiss created his personal group, called the Al-Kindi Outfit following the great tenth hundred years Arab theorist Abu Yusuf Ya’qub al-Kindi. The purpose of the group and its own leader is definitely to only make use of traditionally Arab tools and it has included, variously, Ziyad Qadi Amin, Abd al-Salam Safar, or Mohamed Saada on nay (reed flute), Adel Shams Un Din on riqq (tambourine) and Muhammed Qadri Dalal or Sufyan Naqra on ud (short-necked lute). Since its development, the Al-Kindi Outfit, with Weiss, offers toured extensively through the entire Middle East, Africa, European countries, and Japan, and in addition has recorded thoroughly, both under its name so when accompanists. The group’s closest association continues to be with Shaykh Hamza Shakkur of Damascus, with whom they will have released three recordings, like the two-disc arranged The Whirling Dervishes of Damascus in 1999. Weiss lives in a 16th hundred years mansion in Aleppo, Syria, where he documented his 1998 arranged The Aleppian Music Space and where he frequently gives home concerts in the original style.

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