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Although several players became effective enough to inform the tale, San Antonio, TX, was residential to numerous rock bands within the 1980s, like intensifying metallic cult idols Watchtower, another Slayer, and, even more obscure than both, Juggernaut. Shaped in 1985 by vocalist Harlan Glenn, guitarist Eddie Katilius, bassist Scott Womack, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek, Juggernaut distributed Watchtower’s flair for supra-technical, prog-inflected acceleration metal, that they debuted on the 1986 recording, Baptism Under Open fire, after completing the rite of passing that had been contained in a Metallic Massacre compilation. For his or her sophomore recording, 1987’s Problems Within, the group changed Glenn with previous San Antonio Slayer vocalist Steve Cooper (that music group having finally abandoned hope of contending using the California thrash giants), but their demanding style once more demonstrated to inaccessible for some listeners, and resulted in Juggernaut’s imminent demise. Among its music artists, the only person to find continuing work was drummer Jarzombek (his sibling played acoustic guitar for Watchtower, incidentally), who continued to execute with Demons & Wizards, Halford, Iced Globe, Riot, Spastic Printer ink, and others.

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