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Juana Molina

Juana Molina is really a vocalist/songwriter from Argentina whose atmospheric mixture of folk, electronica, and experimental pop have brought her international acclaim. Most widely known in SOUTH USA being a comedic tv celebrity, Molina debuted in 1996 with Rara, which originally seemed like yet another superstar vanity project. Nevertheless, the record was simple, immediate, and seductive: three stuff that always fall beyond your ego scope of all celeb music tasks. Evidently, Molina was content pursuing other passions and it wasn’t until 2003 that she came back using a follow-up record, this time documenting for the U.K.-structured Domino label. Segundo acquired every one of the intimacy of Molina’s previously work, however the prominence of consumer electronics over the recording obviously signaled a departure. Another recording of electronica-enhanced tracks, appropriately entitled Tres Cosas, made an appearance immediately after, in 2004. She spent enough time touring the entire world and revealing her deft capability at support her vocals with acoustic guitar and hold off pedals, then documented her third recording for Domino. The a lot more organic and acoustic guitar-based Boy was released in-may 2006. El Dia adopted in Oct 2008, charting exactly the same span of organic and acoustic materials. Following a five-year break, Molina released Wed 21 in Oct of 2013 on Crammed Discs; it had been prefaced from the solitary “Eras.” Her seventh recording, 2017’s Halo, was documented both in the home and in Tx at Sonic Ranch Studios. Hypnotic and inventive, Halo continuing to straddle Molina’s unusual separate of off-kilter digital pop and organic songwriting.

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