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Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla

Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla was easily being among the most essential Mexican composers from the post-Renaissance era. He composed very much in the world of sacred music including public, motets, and hymns, all having Latin text messages. He also constructed several villancicos, whose vernacular text messages dealt with spiritual subjects, such as for example Xmas, the Immaculate Conception, and various other Roman Catholic feast times. Delivered in Malaga in about 1590, Padilla received comprehensive musical training on the Malaga Cathedral under Francisco Vásquez, the maestro di capilla there. In 1612 Padilla was appointed maestro di capilla on the Jerez Cathedral, where he offered for over 3 years. By the finish of his tenure there, or simply even previously, Padilla was ordained a priest, as attested to in docs associated with his next session, in 1617, as maestro di capilla on the Cádiz Cathedral. Padilla still left Spain in 1622 for Mexico, most likely in an agreement created by the Cathedral and Spanish monarchy. Upon entrance in Puebla that fall, he assumed the post of helper maestro and cantor at the neighborhood Cathedral, functioning under Gaspar Fernandes, whom he’d be successful as maestro di capilla seven years afterwards. Although Padilla acquired evidently created music in Spain, it really is his result from Mexico which has survived. As the maestro on the Puebla Cathedral, Padilla was necessary to source sacred music for solutions there. A lot of his most significant compositions made an appearance in the Puebla Choirbook No. 15, which contains people, hymns, and several other sacred functions, most of them obtained for just two choirs. By 1641 Padilla was also mixed up in offering of musical devices and, furthermore, may have offered as a instructor in the Colegio de San Pedro and Colegio de San Juan. Although Padilla was generally well paid in his maestro post in the Cathedral, his income was low in 1651, evidently for economic factors. Eight years later on it had been restored to previous levels, but at that time the composer experienced delegated particular of his responsibilities to some other musician, Juan García de Zéspedes. Though Padilla resumed overall performance of previous responsibilities by the summertime of 1660, his wellness soon started to decrease. In the fall months of 1663 sweeping attempts by Cathedral government bodies were designed to gather and protect his functions. Padilla passed away in 1664, most likely in planting season, as information of his loss of life came on Apr 22 of this year.

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