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Joseph Leopold Eybler

Joseph and Michael Haydn were this composer’s distant cousins. He’s known to been employed by with, respected and continuing a life-long a friendly relationship with Mozart (1787 until Mozart’s loss of life) whose “Requiem” Eybler was commissioned to complete. (This obviously he didn’t accomplish; he was just in a position to add ten records towards the soprano range his respect went therefore deep; Sussmayr completed the Requiem.) Eybler became the choir movie director for the Carmelite Cathedral in Vienna as well as the courtroom music instructor for Empress Maria Teresia. He became the Hofkapellmeister following the loss of life of Salieri and experienced a heart stroke while performing Mozart’s Requiem. Features of his musical compositions demonstrate the impact of Mozart and Haydn. Vocal compositions by Eybler included public, graduals, offertories, tracks, and instrumental functions included overtures, chamber music, and variants.

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