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Jongo Trio

Produced by competent musicians from the bossa nova and early-Brazilian jazz period, the Jongo Trio performed displays in the respected bossa venues Teatro de Arena, Teatro Paramount, and Cave nightclub, aswell as executing on it display O Fino da Bossa display. Accompanied by Baden Powell, the group was paid tribute with the well-known composer with “Feitinha Pro Poeta” (with Lula Freire). These were also followed by Elis Regina and Jair Rodrigues in the present Dois Na Bossa. The single LP Jongo Trio (Farroupilha, 1965) got several strikes with “Feitinha Pro Poeta,” “O Menino Das Laranjas” (Théo de Barros), “Terra De Ninguém” (Marcos Valle/Paulo Sérgio Valle) and “Seu Chopin, Desculpe” (Johnny Alf). The group was dissolved within the next year, but documented two various other albums, in 1970 and 1972, with another name (Jongo Trio e Companhia) and formation (Toninho, drums; Claiber, bass; and Paulo Roberto, piano).

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