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Frenchman Jonas Bering’s minimal productions tend to be dub-influenced, which aligns him with Berlin-based camps want Chain Response and Basic Route a lot more than Cologne’s Kompakt, a label he frequently information for your leans toward icy tech-house above all else. Nevertheless, it’s most likely Bering’s lack of ability to color himself right into a part with one audio that endears him towards the Kompakt brass. 2000 was a breakout yr for the maker. His full-length debut, Bienfait, premiered by Kompakt; the 12″ Emballages was also released for the Cologne label prior to the yr drew to some close. Through the Nape from the Throat adopted on Logarhythm, and Bering performed at Montreal’s Mutek Event that yr, presented alongside Kompakt cronies Dettinger, Nearer Musik, and Tobias Thomas. Another 12″ for Kompakt, Sea, was released in 2002. Bering’s second recording, Sketches for another Season, arrived for the label in 2003; the recording was less dubby and much more melodic than his earlier releases. Bering’s following few singles made an appearance on other brands such as for example Defrag Sound Control and Sentrall Information, however the label released his EPs Behind This Silence and Shed Heaven in 2006. Seattle-based Kupei Musika released Cityscape, Bering’s break up EP with Kate Simko, in 2007, and the next yr, Kompakt released Can’t Stop Caring You. The EP’s longing, infectious name track presented vocals by Aubelia Petit, and was Bering’s most pop-oriented monitor up to now. Greek label Klik Information rounded up paths from Bering’s singles and EPs on Compact disc compilation Behind the Silence, also released in 2008. Apart from several remixes and efforts to Kompakt’s Total compilation series, Bering mainly kept calm for another many years until resurfacing in 2014 using the full-length Regain, released by Japan label Fountain Music. He produced his go back to Kompakt in 2015 having a remix of “The Magical Party,” the debut one with the Silent Ones.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jonas Bering
Profession Composer, Music Producer, Songwriter
Nationality French
Music Songs Mustang 1966, Out to Out, Wissant, Nina's Song, Only Mirrors, Because You're Young, Normandie 1, Nighthawks, Behind This Silence, For Yves, Rodenbach, Normandie 2, Who Is Who, Go Deep, Diabolo, Lost Paradise, The Lane, Don't Walk, Before Sunset, Ring Ring Ring, Down to Big Sur, Rollmottle, Melanie, 37°2, Make Love, Durance, I Can't Stop Loving You, Chica, Diva, [untitled], Storch, Glass

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