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John Yorke Atlee

John Yorke Atlee was among the first stars from the American phonograph industry. A Detroit indigenous, Atlee ultimately resolved in Washington, D.C. where he worked well as a U.S. Authorities official. To create ends fulfill, he began showing up in vaudeville playhouses as a specialist whistler. Whistling, because of its high pitch and penetration, was a perfect performance moderate for early documenting technology, and in 1890, Atlee started to make cylinders for the Washington, D.C.-centered Columbia Phonograph Company; by the finish of 1891 currently 36 game titles by Atlee had been advertised within the Columbia bulletins. Atlee’s information offered well for Columbia, and he remained with them until 1896 when he remaining to become listed on the personnel at Berliner’s fledgling flat-disc documenting concern, also in Washington. By the end of 1898, Atlee retired from documenting and proceeded to go into record retail, controlling the phonograph division at Duston-Smith’s piano shop in Charleston, SC.

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