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John Wells

The mix of the name John Wells as well as the sinister credit of “executive producer” results within an individual affiliated in the mid-’90s using a assortment of soundtrack music from the favorite medical center misery saga E.R. A little less than a 10 years afterwards, John Wells arises being a collaborator for the soundtracks to movies based on video gaming or just culled through the games themselves. It’s possible that could stand for two different people with this name, hook bump within an currently well-populated census. Discographical study assistants sniffing out a thread linking the men more powerful than the flimsy idea of the “executive maker” have recommended that Wells’ previously professional encounters evoked a sympathy for medical center staff and a desire to be sure they had plenty of work to maintain them busy. Therefore Wells became associated with the notoriously violent Grand Theft Car — that he is acknowledged with “imaging” — aswell as Doom, the second option marketed as offering many more hurt victims compared to the former.

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