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An entertaining group of compilations entitled Sex-O-Rama: Music from Vintage Adult Films, which by 1998 two quantities have been released, credits a performer with the name of John Thomas. If liner records should be thought, he blows the sax using one quantity, the trombone for the other. To begin with, however, nothing in connection with credits in porno movies is usually to be thought, the sector having even motivated a clever video game for kids where they reach invent their “porno superstar name.” There may possibly not be a single example of the musician in fact using a genuine name when concocting a porno soundtrack; guitarist Mike Bloomfield certainly didn’t. Neither do one known article writer, who used the aliases of Gull Jangles and Alexander Sherwood on sex flick soundtracks for directors such as for example Charles Pinion, whose name can be itself an alias. Compounding the non-sense in this specific case may be the fact how the name John Thomas itself is rolling out right into a euphemism for the male organ, a development that’s probably not significantly pleasing towards the a large number of performers who in fact keep this name for genuine. Whoever it really is playing the corny music gathered on these compilations is obviously not area of the last mentioned group. The Sex-O-Rama affair can be not the just period the name John Thomas continues to be used as a tale in credits, the custom having continued using the hip-hop generations.

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