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John Thoman

Only your final letter aside from as being a person in the John Thomas guitar army, John Thoman took more than guitar duties in the torrential rain Parade from David Roback in 1984, among few events occurring throughout that year that was not really predicted in the famous George Orwell novel. The Thoman touch debuts within the Rainfall Parade’s Crashing Desire from many years later on. Soon thereafter, Thoman also started performing and documenting with bandleader Chris Cacavas, selecting some nifty licks on productions such as for example Dwarf Celebrity and Pale Blonde Hell. The Rainfall Parade ultimately drizzled its method into another group, Viva Saturn, helmed by initial member Steven Roback. The relatively sleepy experience of recordings manufactured in the period ahead of Thoman’s enlistment — when the group have been a sibling band — offered way for an focus on psychedelic acoustic guitar layers, the music artists shifting their house base from LA to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA to seek a far more authoritative jangle with their jingle. Matt Piucci, also previously from the Rainfall Parade, was presented in this cooperation along with drummer Carlo Nuccio and three different bass players. Viva Saturn cannot in fact end up being revived by the finish of 1998. Thoman done a Piucci single task in 2000 and is constantly on the play with Cacavas.

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