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John Simmons

Drummer John Simmons may possibly like to end up being confused using the prolific jazz bassist from the equal name: simply owning all of the sides the second option man played on would need to end up being worth thousands. For a very much smaller sized record pile, consider the drummer that has started his career within an interesting style using the Houston music group Atomic Opera. While Simmons takes on on only 1 of the band’s recordings, he contributes mightily. A complete half-dozen tracks carry his co-writing imprint: the name of “Doxology” appears like the type of bebop tune the bassist may have performed, while “Jesus Rubbish” just appears like a good mixture. Plus, Simmons also drew some photos for the recording cover. Talking about Jesus Christ, contemporary theologians question what He could did if given the chance to try out drums within an existing combo that experienced just been authorized by the Metallic Knife label. Simmons gave a hearty “Yo!” to the chance circa the past due ’90s, becoming a member of Atomic Opera at a effective, primary rib. The Christian rock and roll scene rarely encounters the eclectic affects and sarcastic wit of the evening in the Atomic Opera. Consequently the group may also be pushed out of this classification entirely.

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