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John Haughton

A member of 1 from the Baltimore area’s more notable music family members, trombonist John “Shorty” Haughton had serious competition from his sibling Chauncey Haughton with regards to amassing the sort of discography that strains record enthusiasts’ wallets. Evidently there was very little competition with regards to height, nevertheless, if the nickname from the previous artist is usually to be used as an indication. Chauncey Haughton was also the family’s most skillful instrumentalist, managing reeds aswell as keyboards. John Haughton do sometimes accomplish the hard doubling of trumpet with trombone. Another sibling, Clifton Haughton, trapped towards the trumpet. The kids had more in keeping than simply the family members background. Jumping, jiving bandleader Cab Calloway experienced both John Haughton and Chauncey Haughton in his music group through the ’40s. At additional times there have been occurrences where one Haughton subbed for the additional, never taking into consideration himself as well haughty for the work. Sometimes you might replace another inside a band just like a manufacturing plant shift switch. John Haughton performed in somewhat extended Body fat Waller line-ups from the past due ’20s–one of the ensembles recorded beneath the name of Body fat Waller and His Orchestra. In the ’30s the trombonist changed Nat Tale in the Ella Fitzgerald music group. He also performed with additional major figures throughout that 10 years including reedman and arranger Benny Carter as well as the amazing Duke Ellington clarinetist Barney Bigard. The Haughton dynasty seems to have finished before the ’50s, the Calloway assignnments showing up to become the last significant gigs for just about any from the brothers. Their following exodus from your music business was therefore total that no info is available regarding the Haughton’s deaths.

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