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John Hamilton

Not to end up being mistaken for an antique Fat Waller sidemen nicknamed “Insects,” this John Hamilton was an associate from the Hoboken music group Tiny Lighting, which were able to illuminate its feverishly loyal cult market. Guitarist and vocalist Hamilton in addition has cooked up a number of aspect projects and appears a brave spirit, at one stage giving directly into progressive rock custom and recording in the sitar. Tiny Lighting, also offering vocalist and violinist Donna Croughn, cellist Jane Scarpantoni, bassist Dave Dreiwitz, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Damos on drums, trumpet, and saxophone, developed at least a half dozen well-received documenting ventures. It could be presumed that Croughn was Hamilton’s preferred member, because they ultimately were wed. These were both swinging singles when the group started in 1986, the adjective cleverly also designed to describe the group’s method of rock and roll rhythms. Close focus on the previously defined instrumental lineup could have also signaled the band’s unique inventiveness, including since it does half of the typical traditional string quartet construction. Hamilton in addition has documented and performed on synthesizer, bass, piano, and mandolin. He is still energetic on the coffee-scented Hoboken picture.

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