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John Duncan

Painter/experimental musician John Duncan is usually famous for his usage of shortwave radio. Obtaining his begin hosting radio applications (including one particular show entitled Close Radio), Duncan started his musical trip in 1980, as he likened the noises of the shortwave radio from what you can hear while thinking, and started to merge this uncharted audio with music (another well-known technique of Duncan’s is definitely recording his tone of voice on tape reading text message backwards, after that inverting the tape to accomplish peculiar results on his tone of voice). One of is own first recordings, the 1984 cassette Pleasure Get away, carries a piece entitled “Blind Day,” which features Duncan discussing a lifeless body along with a vasectomy procedure. Further releases adopted, such as for example music for some Japanese porno movies, entitled The John Observe Soundtracks, plus Riot, Inbound, The Crackling, Touch Internal, Palace of Brain, and NAV, amongst others.

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