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John Davies

The name John Davies abounds in music background, even leading to knighthood for just one of the numerous performers and composers with this name. At the contrary end from the social spectrum will be this John Davies, hailing from Detroit. Although it is hard to discover a lot of info concerning a number of the performers around with this name, the Engine Town John Davies could possibly be said to possess hung out his laundry, offering important details regarding at least some of the guiding concepts of the person that has performed and documented with 7000 Dying Rats and Beaver Take. An assumption these music group titles reveal a preoccupation using the slaughter of pets would be incorrect. The 7000 Dying Rats gig was only a visitor star appearance, somebody else’s task, and for what influenced Beaver Shoot, it is not the cute small critters who build dams. Davies also publishes a publication, Superbitch, concentrating a multimedia creative viewpoint that’s sure to irritate feminists. Davies explains his publication thusly: “This rag is usually dedicated to ladies, booze, music, and even more girls. There is no message, no politics stance…you will discover strong, sexy girls that appear to be they are able to kick your ass, beverage you beneath the table, and later, if you are good and do not say something too idiotic, well….” Which all shows that Sir John Davies most likely does better using the gals.

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