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John “Bugs” Hamilton

To paraphrase the brand new Testament, most are called but few are particular to end up being nicknamed “Pests.” The multi-instrumentalist John “Pests” Hamilton obstructs the road of all jazz listeners through his existence on the batch of Extra fat Waller sides documented between 1938 and 1942, music therefore bouncy that it might conveniently make a around trip between your earth as well as the moon. The trumpeter surfaced out of an early on ’30s task that was your pet task of trombonist Billy Kato. Addition in the brass portion of a fresh Chick Webb was a publishing of even more prominence for Hamilton, but one therefore short that anyone who ended for a espresso might have skipped it completely. In 1935, the trumpeter was among the rowdy roustabouts who constructed Kaiser Marshall’s music group on the wonderfully-named Ubangi Golf club. After a stint with Bobby Neal, Waller arrived with his actions which at any moment could add a busy gigging schedule aswell as prolific, from the cuff documenting. In the entire year pursuing his last gigs with this group the trumpeter started a link with Eddie South that may have been similarly rewarding had medical issues not really interrupted. Playing any horn became an impossibility and he succumbed to tuberculosis in 1947.

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